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UN financial support for refugees from Ukraine

Dear students from Ukraine, if you or your relatives (family, friends) are war refugees after 02/24/2022, we kindly inform you that there is a possibility of using special financial support from UNHCR - the UN Refugee Agency. Under this programme, for a minimum of three months, the first person in the family receives PLN 710, and the next - PLN 610 / month. All procedures are presented in Ukrainian at the link below:



Starting from March 14, 2022 till the end of the summer semester 2021/2022, classes at the Vistula University and the Vistula School of Hospitality are transferred to the online mode.

Learn more here


Vistula Universities have launched a virtual HELPDESK for Students from Ukraine. Students of Ukrainian origin who need special support are asked to report their needs and problems (which they cannot solve under the standard procedures used at the university) to the address:

📞 You can also write to us directly on WhatsApp
on the special number +48 798 066 870.


Starting from March 14, 2022 till the end of the summer semester 2021/2022, classes at the Vistula University and the Vistula School of Hospitality are transferred to the online mode.

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Passing physical education:

1. Classes in the summer semester 2021/22 are held on-line
2. Detailed information will be available:

3. Students who failed PE on time may participate in the summer semester 2021/22 should report to their tutor at the Dean's Office by e-mail in order to connect the missing subject. You can find the contact to the direction supervisor on the website:

Dear Students

We would like to inform you about the possibility to vaccinate against COVID-19 at the Southern Temporary Hospital (Tymczasowy Szpital Południowy), at Rotmistrza Witolda Pileckiego 99 in Warsaw (Ursynów) - the vaccination point is located on the ground floor, the entrance is from Pileckiego street.

Foreign students who previously expressed their readiness to vaccinate and provided their personal data have already been issued e-referrals. The remaining persons will receive referrals directly at the vaccination point.

Vaccination centre operating hours:

Monday from 07.30-14.30
Tuesday from 07.30-14.30
Wednesday from 07.30-14.30
Thursday from 07.30-14.30
Friday 7.30-18.00
Saturday 08.00-13.00

You can also sign up by phone: 22 166 91 11 and 22 166 91 12 from 08.00-15.00

Please take your passport or ID card with you.



If the student notices symptoms of COVID-19 infection, he/she should stay at home and inform the medical services (general practitioner) about this fact. In case of being sent quarantine/home isolation, the student is obliged to immediately notify the University ( and or, enumerating the classes he personally attended in recent days.
We encourage free vaccination against COVID-19, which can limit the spread of this deadly disease – details can be found on

The Library is again open every Saturday. We invite you.


Online duties of the Dean's office - you will find the links and the hours of your program's supervisors.


Important: e-mail addresses in the domain

Due to the introduction of the new login system, we are implementing e-mail addresses in the domain for each student. Every student should have received an email from us with a generated e-mail account in the Vistula domain. This address will be saved in USOS, as the primary address for correspondence with the University.

If you did not receive an e-mail with information about your e-mail account, please contact the IT department immediately:

From the moment of creating e-mail accounts, no messages sent by the University will be sent to the private e-mail addresses of students. However, they will only be sent to their addresses in the domain. We also require students to use these accounts when sending e-mails to the University.


Online Classes at the University are held on the MS Teams platform.
Lecturers place links to the classes on the Platon platform. Detailed information can be found in the user manual:



Dear students,
We would like to remind you about the possibility of submitting applications for scholarships within the following dates:

  • Social scholarship (01.09.2021 - 10.07.2022)
  • Scholarship for people with disabilities (01.09.2021 - 10.07.2022)
  • Incentive (01.09.2021 - 30.07.2022)
  • Rector's scholarship (semester: winter 01.09.2021 - 10.10.2021, summer 01.02.2022 - 10.03.2022)


Please check frequently for updates of important information for foreign students on dedicated website Ready, Study, Go! Poland

Now, the special info line NAWA in English about Covid-19 is available: +48 22 390 35 00

Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland opened a help desk for foreign students – they speak 10 languages –

Learn more

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